For more than 25 years, TAG Gallery has helped artists take charge of their creative careers. Join us for a conference call presentation on member benefits with gallery President K. Ryan Henisey, Wednesday, October 23 at 7 pm. During the event, you’ll discover how TAG has helped artist grow their career and expand their creative practice. TAG Gallery serves 40 artists each year, providing many creative opportunities for all artist members. Our artist-driven organization connects artists with each other, the local community, and our network of thousands of art collectors, patrons, and local artists.

Please RSVP to Ryan at president.taggallery@gmail.com.

Member benefits include:
· A solo exhibition once per year.
· Group exhibitions.
· Curatorial opportunities.
· 75% artist commissions.
· Non-exclusive representation.
· A supportive community of artists.

Membership responsibilities include:
· $3500 annual membership fees
(paid in a $500 deposit and two $1500 payments on the first of January and July).
· Monthly gallery business meetings.
· Participation in one of our community committees.

Admissions Process:
· Applications for 2019 are now open. Selected artists will be invited for interviews and finalists will be juried by TAG members in November.

Apply Here!