My influences have almost always predated this century; from the Neolithic Caves of Lascaux through the Brooding Barbison painters to the colorful Impressionists. I love painting "spontaneous opulence" using thick buttery paint and a luscious full brush to remind us of more gentle times; a woman sewing, fresh flowers from the garden, children sailing, and formal family portraits are favorite subjects. My paintings are designed to complete the harmony and evoke tranquility in their hanging place rather then to control it's environment.


Since her move to Southern California in the 1970's Joan Horsfall Young has been an avid plein air impressionist artist specializing in landscapes and florals. Joan is captivated by the quality of the sweeping light and movement in the landscape. Whenever possible, Joan paints on location. She particularly loves revealing how light falls upon her subjects. Joan's mastery of plein air is influence is recognizable in her use of buttery paint and loose brushwork.

Joan Horsfall Young had had numerous solo shows at The Artists Gallery in Santa Monica. Her work had been exhibited in many museums, has been published, and is in many public, corporate and private collections. She is an artist member of the California Art Club and Oil painters of America.

"The best Saturdays growing up were when my friend and I took the new subway in Toronto downtown to the Woman's Art League for lessons." By the age of eighteen, Joan knew that she was not inclined to become a teacher or nurse as expected. She pursued her art career by attending Central Tech Art School, Toronto, Canada. Shortly after art school, Joan was living in Europe with her three small children. She would spend wonderful days there sculpting while her children played before her. As her children grew she continued to involve their lives in her work. She would copy her son Chris's drawings by converting them into oil paintings. When her other son, Greg, chose a military career, Joan produced a show on West Point and painted scenes from the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. For two months of the year she paints in Ontario Canada where her daughter Storey's two girls are a source of inspiration.

Joan's timeless approach to capturing the light, color and gesture of her environment is a main contributor to her success. Please visit her web site for complete details at