Artist Statement

Art allows us to see the familiar through new eyes and give voice to our subconscious. It is a journey of transformation. Fusing representational and abstract elements to capture the subject and emotion of the moment is what drives my work. I strive to capture a moment in time, an emotion, an essence and reflect that in a way that invites the viewer to become a part of that moment.  Using textured paper and paint together adds an element of unexpectedness, which leads me in new directions during the creative process. I want to create work that calls forth a feeling, a connection, a sense of something beyond the image itself.


Rebecca grew up in Indiana. After 3 years in college she left her Midwestern roots and moved to Los Angeles where she earned a Bachelors Degree in Fine Art. In addition to her painting, Rebecca also co-founded a successful visual effects company, working for 20 years amongst other roles, as a supervisor, art director and artist. Leaving that behind, Rebecca has made painting her sole focus. 

Rebecca is a member of Ten Women Gallery on Montana Avenue in Santa Monica and shows her work in group shows in the Los Angeles area.