"There is a sense of place, a memory, a comfort, a dislocation, evoked by the placement of a group of buildings, the reach of a tree or simply clouds floating by."


Out of my morning walks at the upper Kenneth Hahn Park, with a 360 degree view of Los Angeles, emerged an idea for the series LAyers. Shrouded in a marine layer, LA is a city of mirages. And from higher ground, I found a new perspective, taking in the mountains, the city, the wide open spaces I've grown to love.



Carole Garland studied painting at Knox College, Galesburg, IL, the Chicago Art Institute, the University of the Americas, Mexico City, and privately with Keith Finch, Don Blaisdell, Frank Serrano, and Ron Pekar.


Both her oils and watercolors have been widely exhibited and collected and have won many awards in juried shows in Southern California.


A full-time painter, both studio and plein-air, Carole is Paint-Out Co-Chair of the Allied Artists of the Santa Monica Mountains & Seashore and is a member of the California Art Club and VeniceArtForum.