Each of my series risks an experimental approach to painting. I explore both the substrate: rice paper, silk, canvas, wood, plastics, mirrors -- and the tools: inks, stains, paint, charcoal, wire, string, and even machine parts. Ranging from abstract to figurative, and from painting to assemblage, the works all play with the veil between seen and unseen, questioning what is real while commenting on our current time.

My 2017 series “Sight” interprets human vision using layers of transparencies to create surfaces that reflect viewers back upon themselves in a way that can be challenging. These new works hint at illusions while engaging the inescapable realities of our time.

In 2016, I did a series titled “Rhythms” that intertwines newspaper headlines with EKG rhythms of heartbeats. I asked, “What’s happening in the world that makes the heart clench?” I thought about the fear and hostility in our current political and social landscapes, as well as what makes the heart release. This series extends beyond heartbeats to waves of sound that make similar rhythms, as do phases of nature. From heartbeats to sound waves, our lives are measured in pulses of energy. We sense universal tempos in the timing of our days.

My 2014 series, “The Long Thread,” contrasts silk with the rougher textures of string, twine and rope. Life and death emerged as themes as those pieces evolved beyond paintings into large textile wall hangings.

Other series offer insights into images of women and a spiritual dimension to place and time. Overall I intend my work to move beyond external reference and materials to a philosophical sense that suggests transcendence.




Los Angeles artist Pam Douglas has been well reviewed in shows including a large installation in the California African American Museum and at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

Art critic Shana Nys Dambrot wrote in the Huffington Post review of her 2016 show: “Pam Douglas has an alchemical gift for transmogrifying materials beyond their conventional aspects in the service of emotionally rich, conceptually profound mixed media works that bridge the divide between gestural abstraction and allegorical narrative.”

Her work was also critically acclaimed by Scarlet Cheng, contributor to the Los Angeles Times: “Pam Douglas adeptly combines drawing, painting and assemblage. …Her work so often expresses the universal polarities that define human existence. This cycle is joyful and sublime.”

Art critic James Bae wrote: “These paintings are stunning … never repetitive but endlessly unpredictable… distinct and unfolding their own vigorous abstraction…”

And in Art Ltd Magazine, reviewer Simone Kussatz wrote, “Images emerge, radiating a source of light that makes them feel alive.”

Recent Solo and Juried Shows Include:

2017 – “Sight,” solo, TAG Gallery

2017 – “Speaking of Trees,” Studio C Gallery, Santa Fe Art Colony

2016 – “Rhythms,” solo, TAG Gallery at Bergamot Station

2016 – Artcore Annual Competition and Exhibition, The Brewery

2016 – Hillcrest Center for the Arts, juried

2016 – Lampourage Gallery, The Brewery, juried

2015 -- “Galaxies,” solo, TAG Gallery at Bergamot Station

2015 – Arena One Gallery, Santa Monica, juried

2014 – “The Long Thread,” solo, TAG Gallery at Bergamot Station

2014 – The Foundry, Santa Barbara,  

2014 – Arena One Gallery, Santa Monica, juried

2014 – Gallery Five08, Santa Monica, juried

2013 -- “The Life of Air,” solo, TAG Gallery at Bergamot Station

2013 -- “Fire and Water,” solo, Gallery 417, Los Angeles

2012 – 6-month exhibit, The California African American Museum

2012 -- “The Life of Fire,” solo, TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station

2011 – “The Life of Water,” solo, TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station

2010 – “The Seekers Series” solo, TAG Gallery, Bergamot Station,

2009 – “The Sepia Series” solo, TAG Gallery, Santa Monica

2009 – Los Angeles County Museum of Art (LACMA) S&R Gallery

2009 -- TarFest (Juror: H. Wolff, Dir. of Contemporary Art, LACMA)

2008 – I5 Gallery, Brewery Art Complex, L.A. (Juror: Matt Gleason)



Los Angeles Art Association / Gallery 825

Women Painters West



Vassar College, B.A. – English, Art History, Studio Art

Columbia University, Masters – Painting, Sculpture, Art Education

Art Students League of NY – Drawing

Cornell University – Classes in ancient Asian art


Current Employment:

Professor, USC School of Cinematic Arts