Although greatly influenced by my European roots, I find myself constantly inspired and challenged by the dynamic art culture of Los Angeles. As a painter, I have always been drawn to the unexpected beauty of mundane objects, shapes colors and nuances that are often overlooked or taken for granted.

I love the physical nature of working on large pieces and allow my work to evolve organically and in the moment. Each layer of color provokes the next, often unexpectedly or intuitively and sometimes breaking through the surface layers to discover what is beneath. It has been an absolutely liberating journey of self-discovery beginning with many years of painting realism in oils. Experimentation has become an integral part of my practice and there is nothing more exciting to me than standing in front of a large untouched canvas. As the subject emerges and settles into the completed work, I strive to form a relationship with the piece. It’s that empathy I offer the viewer, a glimpse into my own personal sensibility in the hope that it will tempt them to make their own connection. 


Marion grew up in the southern countryside of England where she attended the Oxted School in Surrey. She moved to California in 1985 and continued her studies at California Art Institute and Moorpark College. She continuously shows her work in solo and group shows across the United States and has received numerous awards in juried shows.

Marion is an Artist in Residence at Studio Channel Islands in Camarillo Old Town where she has had her studio for four years.