Lyle Everett Rushing (l.everett) is a Los Angeles based artist.  He was born in Monroe, North Carolina.  Country living affords a lot of free time, and many of those minutes were filled with drawing and sketching for Lyle.  Blank sheets of paper or cardboard were his early canvases.  “A new shirt was no great thrill for me.  But that piece of cardboard that came with the shirt?  Cause for celebration!”  He attended the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill and served honorably in the US Navy. These years had an indelible impact on his mindset and can be seen in his pieces.   With his move to Los Angeles, the creative spirit was reawakened.  During a period of self-actualization, Art began to take on an entirely new meaning.  Lyle has an utter fascination with the humans and the ‘life’ experience; with considerable consideration given to the often-overlooked moods of men. Lyle wonderfully captures life's moments with his works on paper, canvas and most recently with acrylic on wood. He creates art pieces that are at once, arresting and moving.  His pieces are in private collections across the country.