My imagery is influenced by personal experiences. The pieces reference ideas, observations and readings that have affected me. I work with interpretative forms to communicate my ideas because I like the challenge of portraying an idea without being literal. Some pieces I design with the intent of creating an emotional response to the shapes, color and movement. Other times I design with the intent of opening up the possibilities of how neon as a medium can be manipulated. 


I have been looking at and admiring neon since I was a child living and traveling through the western states. The intense colors and glow of the motel and business signs appealed to me and I thought they were beautiful. A visit to Las Vegas was always special because of extensive use of neon all over the buildings. There was a palm tree in front of one of casinos that I loved. In Southern California, there were special signs that I looked forward to seeing. Long Beach had a drive in theatre near the traffic circle that had wonderful neon. Motel signs often had animation designed to lure the traveler in to rent a room. I liked to look at them and try to figure out how the animation worked.