Having always been fascinated with road trips, I create imagined landscapes out of the fragmented memories of travel. The water-soluble oil paints I use allow me to work with both subtle and pronounced interplays of color. I enjoy constructing visual puzzles which challenge viewers to travel into and through enigmatic terrain. My art practice uses this language of movement through the landscape to communicate the idea of harmony between seemingly disparate concepts.

The Ilium series, named after the human hip bone, explores the quiet strength of women which is often hidden or passed over yet is ever-present and vital. Curving female silhouettes weave over and under sweeping bridges and mountains. The feminine form is obscured by the landscape, even while it creates and supports the spans and peaks.

The Cross Country series investigates the beauty in the notion that we can retain and respect individual identities while working together as a whole. Vertical slices showing glimpses from a car or airplane window, or specific moments remembered from a long trip, are combined into a cohesive horizontal vista. Different perspectives maintain their uniqueness but come together to create one view.

The Santa Ana series plays with the cityscape of downtown Los Angeles, capturing the vibrancy and energy that race through its stationary architectural canyons.


Ms. Fisher holds a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from The Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. She resides and works in downtown Los Angeles.