I work in oil painting, watercolor and ceramic sculpture. My oils and sculpture celebrate my love of the cartoon. I feel like life is a cartoon, and I try to evoke that spirit in my figurative landscapes of California beaches and in scenes from Arizona. They mix the comic with the noir aspects of humanity: While the people are droll, the palette is often shades of gray or brown. My oils and watercolors display my love of pattern. I express my admiration of nature in abstract watercolor landscapes while my dance-series watercolors are dynamic by way of color and form. My sculptures explore audience and cafe scenes. With each audience I try to evoke a different mood. The cafe scenes often deal with obsession for food. I like to juxtapose grave-looking figures with objects that are associated with happiness. The effect is fun but also conveys the idea that material objects cannot bring happiness.



I was born in Los Angeles in 1951 and grew up in Manhattan Beach, California. From a young age I accompanied my father, watercolorist Keith Crown, on painting trips. In 1973 I received my BFA from the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, in conjunction with Tufts University. During my early career I painted abstract watercolor landscapes, many inspired by the American Southwest. I began creating figurative sculptures and paintings in the 1980s, while continuing to paint landscapes. After moving back to Southern California in 2000, I began a series of beach scenes in oil that combine landscape and figurative subject matter, reconnecting with my California childhood.