Photography is not just a medium to record images of things the way they are, it is also an artistic medium to produce images that interpret reality into a personal point of view. Photography is indeed, a medium using the eye of the beholder, that is then made into a physical embodiment for everyone to view.

It takes at least two people to engage in the process of making art. The person who makes it, and the person who views it. In all of my photographic work, whatever the subject matter, I attempt to evoke an emotional response from the viewer to more fully engage them in this experience. 



After being educated as an art teacher, I moved to Los Angeles and became involved in film and television. I worked in the Art Department as a Set Decorator, over 30 years in this capacity, garnering an Emmy Nomination in 2001. I retired in 2011 and now pursue photography full time. My subject matter is varied, I pursue what interests me at the moment, but all of my work reflects my extensive background in the artifice of the entertainment industry, telling a story non verbally, with the actors still off stage. I prefer to use mannequins and dolls as stand ins.


LA ArtCore 1st Annual Photographers Competition & Exhibition Feb12 – 28 Los Angeles, CA
Solo Show “Make Believe” Jan 21-31 Keystone Gallery Los Angeles CA
TAG Gallery New Artists Showcase Jan 3-21 Santa Monica CA
Photowork 2017 National Juried Photo Exhibition Jan21-March 4 Barrett Art Center Poughkeepsie NY
iMotif National Juried iPhone photo competition Jan 27-March 20 Sohn Fine Art Lenox MA
fotofoto gallery 12th Annual Competition Juried Show Nov 30, 2016 -Jan 7, 2017 Huntington NY
National Juried Show “I Live Here” Dec 1-23 Fabulon Gallery Charleston SC
Black Box Gallery Juried show “ Colorburst” August 2016 Portland Oregon
A Smith Gallery Johnson City TX Juried Show “Alphabet” July 2016
Gallery 825 Los Angeles Juried show “Out There” June 10-18 2016
Rolling Hills Estates CC Juried April-June 2016
Solo Show AC Gallery “Culture Of Beauty” Los Angeles April 2016
A Smith Gallery Johnson City TX Juried Show RED (April-May 2016)
Oddville Gallery Los Angeles Juried Show (April 2016)
Solo Show “Memories and Demons”- Artists Corner Gallery-Los Angeles, CA (July 11-August 8, 2015)
Curators Pick-Your Daily Photograph-Duncan Miller online Gallery (May 15, 2015)
Photo Independent- Los Angeles Ca. (May 1-3, 2015)
Photo LA – group show-Artists Corner Booth -Los Angeles, CA (January 21-23, 2015)
Left Coast Juried Show- Sanchez Art Center- Pacifica, CA (April 2014)
Las Laguna’s Gallery- group show -Laguna Beach, CA (April 2014)
Women’s Works 2014 Annual Show- group show- Woodstock, IL (March 2014)
Solo Show “Night Echoes” Calumet Gallery, Los Angeles CA (January 2014)
Featured Emerging Artist-Your Daily Photograph-Ducan Miller online Gallery (January 10, 2014)