Karen Hochman Brown [American, b. 1958] is a Los Angeles-based photographer using software to manipulate her photographic images. In one series, she bends nature photographs into multi-layered kaleidoscopic constructs. Her work is sensitive to the inherent beauty of the subjects as she strives to magnify that quality through focus and repetition. The resulting geometric forms resonate in harmony and discord, creating unique energies. In another body of work, she employs a digital synthesizer to instruct the computer to apply custom brushstrokes based on information obtained from her photographs. The resulting elements are then stitched together into completed artworks.

Hochman Brown studied art at Pitzer College, California College of Art and Art Center College of Design, but self-developed her processes through experimentation, relying heavily on skills learned as a graphic designer. Inspirations include Georgia O’Keeffe, Piet Mondrian, Frank Stella and the Geometric Abstraction movement.

Hochman Brown’s work has been shown mainly in California and New York. In addition to the kaleidoscopic art and digital painting she creates experimental animation based on her 2-D work.