K Ryan Henisey is an artist living in California. His fine art paintings have shown in locations throughout the Golden State. Ryan's influences include life in LA, the queer experience, and social justice.

"I love the interplay of transparent media on paper," says the artist. "There's pattern to the chaos of watercolor or inks, if you know the rules of the craft."

Ryan's paintings often mix media. His bold choices in visual language and materials reinforces expressions of contemporary experience.

His painting, #ArtToEndViolence, earned an Award of Excellence at the California State Fair, 2015. Ryan also won second place in South Bay Contemporary’s All Themes Considered in 2014.

Ryan grew up outside of Los Angeles on the border to the Angeles National Forest. He spent his youth drawing, writing, and making creations out of any material he could grab.

He attended California State University, Bakersfield, earning his Masters in English in 2008. Ryan currently works as a creative professional in Los Angeles. He is also an emeritus leader for Emerging Art Leaders Los Angeles and member of the Los Angeles Art Association.