I was born in the mid-west in the mid-century.  We moved several times, landing in Los Angeles in the "far out" seventies.  Life carried on, but I always had my camera.  Looking behind the ordinary to find the extraordinary; clever juxtaposition, contradiction, color, whimsy.  Photography enables me to convey how I see the world.  I photograph what hits me in the moment.  It is spontaneous, yet not unconsidered.  It is authentically me. 

It is the vision of the artist that produces the art.  I appreciate every method and technique an artist uses to achieve that vision. 


Jenny Revitz Soper has lived in the Los Angeles area for over 40 years.  In mid-life, she attended Southwestern Law School at night (while still working full time) graduating in 2003 with honors.  While lawyering has a certain artistic aspect to it, several years ago, she realized that to be fully human, one must create.  She went back to her old friend, the camera, to fulfill that need. 

Ms. Soper is a member of RAW, an independent art organization for artists by artists.  She recently showcased her work at the RAW show Savor in Hollywood, November 2017.  She has an upcoming RAW show in San Francisco later in 2018.  Her work has also been juror-chosen for the upcoming L.A. Artcore Second Annual Photography Competition and Exhibition in Los Angeles in February 2018.  Her pieces are also enjoyed by private collectors.

Jenny currently lives in Santa Clarita, California with her husband Robert Soper, her two ocicats and her Great Dane, Dexter.