These paintings are light studies. Light assists us in understanding landscapes, by experiencing the magnitude and direction in which it allows our vision to flow. As light moves it creates a dialogue between forms by defining them and their negative spaces. By concentrating on light as its own entity, I explore how it manipulates itself around objects and is distinguished through mood.  The process of recording this subject matter is important for me to share, with the goal of understanding a simple, intimate moment.


Jaime Coffey Bateman graduated from the Pacific Northwest College of Art in Portland, Oregon, receiving her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Painting. Currently residing in Los Angeles, her artwork focuses on light studies as landscapes in foreign places. Her paintings began to evolve in her early years in college, when she attended a summer program in France, and afterwards toured Europe. Since then she has spent months traveling through Southeast Asia and South America, painting on sight. Her most recent work focuses on travels through Northern California en route to Los Angeles.