The Aesthetics of Everyday Life presents my unique exploration of everyday objects. My interest in common objects based on my idea that “even common objects can appear strange and fantastic under different light conditions and environments”. By transforming ordinary objects into extraordinary visual experience, I focuses on the reflection of light and silhouettes of imagery. Buttons, clips, toys and metal objects in her paintings are depicted in a close-up views. Honing in on details, each object is substantially represented in its realistic form. With repetition and variation, objects are combined into one unrealistic construction, building a hybrid form of semi-abstraction. The monochromatic color in the background stresses the silhouette of the whole imagery, whereas the imagery continues to develop beyond the canvas. The light changing on the surface gives an impression as if the form is in a motion.

Sharing the process of its becoming, ordinary objects on the painting provokes intense emotions - feelings of strength, warmth or loneliness.