At times I feel quite schizophrenic in my artistic choices of subject matter and media. There is the serious, philosophical part of me that is drawn to human concerns and social commentary. Then there is the optimistic, love of life portion, that finds visual intrigue in the everyday world around me, particularly in the wonders of our natural environment. I like to work with the stark simplicity of black and white, with a full value range of grays. Printmaking and drawing provide ideal tools in this area. At the same time I delight in the excitement of color, and for that I generally choose acrylic paint. I especially like to organize complexity, to control it and to demonstrate it through my compositions. I care deeply about many subjects and it is the desire to communicate my personal perceptions, both emotional and intellectual, that moves me to produce art.


Ellen Starr grew up in the Midwest, attended college in New York, married right after graduation and moved immediately to Santa Monica, California. There she began studying art at UCLA. After taking time off to raise a family, she discovered the world of printmaking at Santa Monica College, where she served as a teaching assistant in etching and life drawing. She joined the Los Angeles Printmaking Society in 1993. In 1996 she became a member of The Artists' Gallery where she has displayed her work in several group and solo shows. She has also participated in numerous juried exhibits throughout the Los Angeles area and has won awards both in printmaking and in drawing.