I am an image collector.  Some of my favorites were recorded visually without a camera in hand.  At the age of six, staring out the window from the upper berth in the sleeper car, long after my parents assumed I was asleep, I freeze-framed the nighttime beauty of farms and fences and moonlit reflections in ponds as we raced by to the steady clickety-clack of the wheels on the tracks.  Of course, it would be many years before I picked up a camera, but that same sense of discovery, intrigue and wonder has informed my photography from the start.

As one who has found great peace in meditation, photography affords me spiritual nourishment and artistic expression. 

I believe successful photographs compel curiosity and evoke emotion.  I am drawn to images that convey tranquility, symmetry, and balance, utilizing negative space, and/or unexpected perspective.

Michael Kenna noted, “None of us see the same photograph.  A viewer comes into the image and finishes it.”  

I bid you welcome...