The intention of my work is to explore identity and memory. I am drawn to the figure for all its varied complexity and rich subject matter. Human beings have both an external and internal reality. The internal reality includes the bodily and mental qualities; the external reality includes the conditions provided by the social and physical environment. With this in mind, as a figurative artist, the context of my paintings cannot be separated from time, place or circumstance.

I work best by physically and emotionally embedding myself within a community of people as a means of gaining an empathic understanding of the individual(s) I am painting. Using a documentarian approach I use my sketchbook and cell phone camera to record people, places and events of the my surroundings. In this way, I seek to capture the political, social, and cultural structures of the world around me. These drawings and photos then become grist for my imagination, giving life to a new body of work. Even though I love the historical legacy, the feel, the vibrancy and smell of oil paint, I also feel free use whatever medium suits my narrative intent. 

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