My artwork comes directly from my imagination. Starting with a simple one-dimensional drawing, I work directly with wood and metal to three-dimensionalize the pieces, until what I had in mind materializes before me.

Each art piece I create tells a story and since my artwork is evocative rather than representational, I rely solely on the shape and placement of the component pieces, the shadows that are cast and the color and texture of the paint to provide the viewer with the opportunity to experience a transformational moment that takes him beyond the parts to the whole idea. 

My work as an artist is to use the materials and work through the construction and painting challenges to successfully create in the real world my initial mental images of each piece. I find the process enjoyable, exciting and rewarding. My goal as an artist is to create artwork that interests, amuses and excites the viewer.


I was born and raised in New Jersey. I studied art at St Lawrence University, The University of the Americas in Mexico City, and The New School and Art Students League in New York City, where I lived before coming to California. 

I use wood and metal to create abstract, contemporary sculptures, which are exhibited in art shows and galleries across the country and locally.