For the past 50 years, Betty Sheinbaum has been painting. She found the time to create as well as raise four children; work with her husband in his political activities; and for seven years, had one of the first galleries for ceramics, blown glass, wood and metal sculpture. She has embraced her life and art with dedication and passion, trying to master the tools of her trade. 


Betty Sheinbaum has worked in painting, sculpture and weaving for over 40 years. Coming to art seriously in the 1950's, long before feminism carved the freedom for women to select and juggle roles, Sheinbaum doggedly tucked art into the stolen places between marriage, mothering, political activism and astute art collecting. She managed to fit making art into a life that included raising four children, working with her husband in his political activities and running two successful bi-coastal galleries of contemporary craft (at a time when craft and fine art were viewed as mutually exclusive endeavors). She is at one with what Willem de Kooning once called "the process of becoming"-that process of working and creating not for an audience or fame or commerce, but for the sheer joy, struggle and discovery of making one's statement.