Anahid Boghosian is a Painter of Armenian descent, living and working in Santa Monica, California. She was born and raised in Los Angeles. After receiving her degree from F.I.D.M. and working successfully in the fashion Industry for over 8 years, she decided to focus solely on her art career. Anahid is strongly influenced by her parents, a sculptor father and her mother who was an avid patron of the arts.

She began showing in various group exhibits in 1999 and was given her first Solo Exhibit in 2004. Anahid has been regularly showing in galleries nationally and internationally for over 28 years and recently she completed her first Installation piece as part of The SHE LOVES collective in Los Angeles, that made the cover of the LA WEEKLY in 2/2017.

Currently she is represented by galleries in Boston and California.


I am always trying to create a dialogue between my pieces and their viewer. Recycled and repurposed objects bring nostalgia to a piece and there starts the conversation between the two.

 My creations are intended to stir emotions, thus I create with many layers. Each new layer showing a bit of the one underneath. like any good story bits and pieces are wiped away, covered up, and rewoven that results in a new reality. By doing so in the work reveals unexpected colors, forms and textures.

“THERE IS NO PERFECT” Imperfections are what makes a thing or person interesting and worth taking a second look at. This journey of all these complexities is what my art explores.